Booking Terms & Conditions

We offer an online priority booking service for which you are able to book and guarantee your piercing appointment date and time by blocking out the time required to fulfil your treatment. For this service a payment of £10 will be payable by you to demonstrate your commitment to the appointment and will be deducted from the final amount payable upon completion of your piercing appointment.If you total amount payable is lower than the booking fee, you will be refunded the difference.

Due to the nature of blocking out a specific time frame for your service, Auricle could incur significant financial loss should you not attend your appointment without reasonable prior notice. Therefore payments made using our booking service's are not refundable under these terms.

Medical Limitations

We are required by law to ask certain medical questions prior to your piercing, such as (but not limited to) your use of blood thinning medication, are you pregnant or nursing mother, among others.

In some circumstances we may not be allowed (legally) to offer you a piercing based on the answers you provide on your consent form. If you are in any doubt, please contact us before booking your appointment by clicking HERE - Failure to do so WILL result in your booking fee being forfeit.


Shoud you foresee a legitimate reason for not attending your appointment time please contact us at as we may be able to rearrange your appointment time without penalty.

Reasonable time to rearrange
Weekdays: 48 hours notice
Weekends: 72 hours notice

Cancellations will not be refunded.

Our Rights

We reserve the right to refuse you a piercing if you;

  • are intoxicated
  • are under the appropriate age for your chosen piercing (Check Here)
  • fail to provide valid photo ID (where required)
  • do not have consent from your parent, guardian or carer (must be present at the time of your piercing). Written proof of guardianship or care will be required upon request.
  • are rude or abusive to our staff
  • arrive late without mutual agreement

Parents, Guardians or Carers - We respect a child's right to say ‘NO’ to a piercing and to any adult forcing any kind of non-medical contact on them. For this reason, Auricle and it's staff will only pierce children, in your care, that are willing and able to consent to the proceedure, and sit without restraint throughout the treatment.

Failure to comply with our rights will result in your booking fee being forfeit.

Piercing Prices

Our piercing price list can be found by clicking here, on our website. All prices are for our piercing service only and jewellery will be charged at an additional cost. We offer a full range of hypoallergenic piercing jewellery, ranging from implant grade titanium to 18k solid gold piercing jewellery with a wide price range. If you are unsure about our jewellery prices please pop into the studio prior to booking.

You cannot "bring your own jewellery" to be pierced with.

No Excuses

Our online booking system will only allow you to confirm your appointment once you have agreed to these terms.